Sincerely – Mask Chained Lace
April 7, 2020
S&M – Mask Blackout
April 7, 2020
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Sincerely – Nipple Clips Bling



They’ll put on a private show for you, dripping in enchanting chainmail…

Style, grace, and amazing taste… all qualities of your dearly beloved. So why not compliment the treasures of their chest with a little more glittering adornment? Double your dangle as you leave your lover’s nipples strangled. These tweezer-style clamps are easy-to-use and give you complete control of their tightness. The gentle rubber nubs ensure that this chest accessory remains comfortable and secure even during vigorous play.

Measurements: 20″/50.5cm length

Material: Nickle Free Metal, Cubic Zirconia, Copper, Stannum, Rubber

Color: Black

SKU: SS52030

UPC: 646709520304

Additional Information

Additional Information