Pink Lipstick – Dress Shreds of Decency Mini – Black – Queen
March 19, 2020
Pink Lipstick – Teddy Low Blow – Red – Queen
March 19, 2020
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Pink Lipstick – Dress Shreds of Decency Mini – Red – Queen



If seduction is an art, then you’re the canvas. With the Shreds Of Decency Mini Dress, you’ll be able to command attention and make a statement no matter what your intention. Thanks to a geometric netting design, you’ll be able to weave a web around your partner and lure their gaze exactly where you want.

To really ramp up the sexiness, the dress connects to a choker-style collar that sets a naughty precedent. Whether you wear this dress on its own or pair it with your favorite thong and bra, one thing’s for sure, in this dress, you won’t be lacking even a shred of attention!

Sizes: Queen

Material: 93% Nylon, 7% Spandex

Color: Red

Packaging: Boxed

SKU: 27037X-RED

UPC: 017036657825

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Additional Information