Ozzé – Pecker Air Freshener
January 29, 2020
Ozzé – Pecker Balloons – Pack of 6
January 29, 2020
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Ozzé – Boobies Air Freshener



If you like the thought of boobs swinging in front of your face (but maybe don’t get to see as many IRL as you’d like), then this Boobies Air Freshener is perfect for you! The Boobies Air Freshener makes the perfect addition to party gift bags and bacherlor/ette night game prizes, as well as the funniest car accessory ever when you hang it from the rear view mirror. Maybe remember to take it down before the school run though…

Ozzé is a brand based in Quebec that creates cheeky and playful novelty gifts and games, offering its customers more fun both in and outside of the bedroom.

SKU: AF-02
UPC: 623849032553

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Additional Information