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April 5, 2020
Oxballs – Do-Nut Ringer 3 Pack
April 5, 2020
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Oxballs – Thruster



THRUSTER was created for comfort wear and use, it’s made from our signature FLEX-TPR so it’s squishy n’ blubbery but grips your member a firm hand. THRUSTER is a super stretchy full sized cockring that’s not gonna pinch or strangle! Wear it to the bar, gym, or even work! Placing the large ball under your scrotum pushes you up for a heftier looking package.

Measurements: 3.75-7.5″/9.5-19cm Ø

Material: Flex-TPR

Color: Black


UPC: 84025114495

Cleaning: We always recommend using an antibacterial toy cleaner; they are specially designed to be gentle on intimate areas and toys.

Lubricant recommendations: We always recommend using water-based lubricant with all your toys.

Additional Information

Additional Information