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April 5, 2020
Oxballs – Grunt Cockring
April 5, 2020
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Oxballs – Grinder



GRINDER ball stretcher is made of heavy thick rubbery silicone, the heaviest and softest ballstretcher we make. The extra weight helps your nuts hang low but this ball stretcher is so soft and squishy. We made this bad-boy thicker in the middle to push your balls down low, the “thicker” middle keeps your nuts from popping back up and out. The added weight of the thick silicone puts extra pressure at the top of your nuts just where you want it and feel it.

Measurements: 1.5″/3.5cm height, 1.2-2.25″/3-5.5cm Ø

Material: Silicone

Color: Black


UPC: 84025102935

Cleaning: We always recommend using an antibacterial toy cleaner; they are specially designed to be gentle on intimate areas and toys.

Lubricant recommendations: We always recommend using water-based lubricant with all your toys.

Additional Information

Additional Information