Kheper – Weed! Card Game
August 26, 2020
Kheper – What the F*ck? – Raunchy Version!
August 26, 2020
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Kheper – What the F*ck? – Truth or Dare



The F*CKING CRAZY drinking game!

We get it, sometimes you wanna play Truth or Dare at a party but by that point you’re too drunk to come up with anything good. That’s where What The F*ck Truth or Dare comes in! No matter what you choose, this game comes with 100 suggestions for truths and dares that are bound to push boundaries and create laughs!

For 4-20+ players. For adults only.

DISCLAIMER: It is not our fault if you play this game and end up revealing the truth of when you “accidentally” forgot to feed your friend’s pet gecko while they were on vacation. That’s on you.

Game includes: 100 suggestions

SKU: BG.003

UPC: 825156105092

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Additional Information