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    Nasstoys – China Brush


    Nasstoys – China Brush

    $22.99 Get ready to enhance intimacy and prolong pleasure like never before with China Brush... This innovative penis desensitizer is designed to provide men with a discreet and effective way to achieve longer-lasting intimacy. China Brush is a carefully crafted formula that gently desensitizes the penis, allowing you to delay climax and prolong your pleasure during intimate encounters. Embrace a newfound sense of control and confidence as you explore longer-lasting pleasure with your partner. Using China Brush is simple and hassle-free. Just apply a small amount of the desensitizer to the penis, and within moments, you’ll feel the effects taking hold. Revel in the pleasure of prolonged arousal, knowing that you can fully enjoy intimate moments without worries. Ingredients: Benzocaine Powder, Oak Moss, Acetone, Propylene Glycol, Water. SKU: 0200-1 UPC: 782631020014 Cleaning: We always recommend using an antibacterial toy cleaner; they are specially designed to be gentle on intimate areas and toys. Lubricant recommendations: We always recommend using water-based lubricant with all your toys.

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