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  • satisfyera
    SKU : EE73-626-0617

    Satisfyer – Men Vibe

    $99.99 The masculine design in elegant black makes the masturbator a discreet playmate for modern guys. Its ergonomic curves feel perfect in the hand, so you can comfortably operate the buttons with your thumb, while the lower bulge nestles in your palm and your fingers find good support in the side grooves. Thanks to the rechargeable batteries, the toy is not only good for you, but also does the environment a favor. If your playmate needs more juice, you can simply recharge it with the included magnetic USB cable. With 14 vibration programs and an insertion length of 7 cm, the upper, sensitive part of your pleasure stick will enjoy an exciting adventure. Gentle and reserved, intense and demanding, or a bit of everything - what do you need today? With a choice of 3 intensities and 8 hot rhythms, the choice is yours! The powerful motors are located in the tip and in the middle bulge of the toy and with the overlapping vibration patterns of the rhythmic programs provide a feeling that is reminiscent of tingling oral sex. Thanks to the wide opening, you can also use the Satisfyer Men Vibration on a penis that is not yet erect. This way the stylish companion is suitable both for kindling your desire, as well as for extensive penis tip massages. The two bulges in the interior form a staircase effect, which makes the masturbator even narrower toward the back. You can glide over the waves with some water-based lubricant or just sit back and enjoy the different vibration patterns. The waterproof finish (IPX7) also makes the Satisfyer Men Vibration an addictive rubber duck alternative for climactic moments. MATERIAL The soft and skin-friendly silicone is wonderfully supple, quickly adjusts to your body temperature, and perfectly complements with the exciting unyielding ABS plastic. For optimal enjoyment, we recommend water-based lubricants, which are ideally suited for the Satisfyer Men Products: Here you can choose between Neutral, Cooling, and Warming. A water-based lubricant protects the material and keeps the surface nice and smooth.

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  • ss10088c
    SKU : SS10088

    Sportsheets – S&M Blackout Mask

    $22.99 The Blackout Mask covers your eyes, keeping you in a mysterious state of darkness
    • Heightens your other senses, leading to extraordinary sensations for you and your lover.
    • Materials: Polypropylene, Black Polyester, nickel-free metal, black satin ribbons
    • Includes: 1 black, faux leather mask

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  • ss10037b
    SKU : SS10037

    Sportsheets – S&M Spread the Love Bar

    $49.99 Spread your wings and explore new desires and positions with this rigid 15 inch nylon covered bar.
    • Features four attached adjustable cuffs to accommodate both wrists and ankles.
    • Materials: Polypropylene webbing, Hook & Loop, polyester, combined Velboa fabric, carbon fiber
    • Includes: 4 comfortable and adjustable cuffs attached to a rigid nylon covered 15 inch (38 cm) spreader bar

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  • ss09947d
    SKU : SS09947

    Sportsheets – S&M Sensory Wheel

    $44.99 Enjoy a Little Sensory to Your Sexual Perception Add a blindfold for optimal sensory play while you run the wheels along your partner's skin. Its sleek black handle is nicely accessorized with its red wheels.
    • The Sensory Wheel has nine, sharp yet non-piercing micro-spiked metal wheels
    • 5.1" long

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  • ss09925e
    SKU : SS09925

    Sportsheets – S&M Enchanted Bed Bound Restraints

    $59.99 Place under any mattress for an instant bondage bedroom.
    • Sets up in seconds.
    • Slide the restraint connector strap under the mattress
    • Adjustable dual wrist and ankle cuffs with stud closure.
    • Adjust the connector strap at the cuffs.
    • Fits any size bed.
    • 124" long connector strap

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  • ss09924d
    SKU : SS09924

    Sportsheets – S&M Enchanted Kit

    $36.99 This burgundy blindfold with a full coverage shape and velvet feel and single elastic strap and set of cuffs is not intimidating for the person new to fantasy play making them a great purchase for beginners. And they're stylish too! These inexpensive, lightweight, and accessible restraints are great if you are looking to experiment in light bondage. A fantastic addition to your fantasy or sensation play toy box.
    • Beginners wrist cuffs for first time bondage fun
    • Material: 37% polyurethane, 36% acrylic, 13% polyester, 8% polyurethane foam, 3% elastic, 3% nickel free metal
    • Includes: One pair of adjustable 9" handcuffs with stud closure and single clasp connection and one 9" inch Blindfold

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  • ss09923a
    SKU : SS09923

    Sportsheets – S&M Enchanted Spreader Bar

    $36.99 This is a strong, durable spreader bar for perfect sexual pleasure. If you want to experiment and add new levels of sexual exploration and add some bondage this is a perfect starter spreader bar. It is a very strong and durable bar, that includes comfortable cuffs with a soft velvet touch. The cuffs have an easy on and off closure system. You can position differently to perform in various sexual positions to enhance your overall experience.
    • Feature: Adjustable
    • Weight: 4.48 Ounces
    • Length: 13.5"

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  • ss09922d
    SKU : SS09922

    Sportsheets – S&M Enchanted O-Cuffs

    $44.99 Surrender your desires with these Enchanted O-cuffs These cuffs relieve the pressure on your wrists and give you something to grip during the big "O". They have the look of velvet with the feel of security. Use these cuffs with the Under The Bed Restraint System or The Sportsheet - you'll love it! The cuffs will get more supple with use and conform to your wrist.
    • Easy on/easy off closure.
    • Adjust the bar along the straps for the perfect fit
    • 10" wrist cuffs
    • Movable hand grip bar slides up and down for a personal fit

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  • ss52033d
    SKU : SS52033

    Sportsheets – Sincerely Pearl Chain Nipple Clips

    $44.99 PEARLESCENT PRONGS PROMISE PROLONGED PLEASURE AND PAIN... Pinch these clips onto your lover’s luscious lumps and bask in the glory of their darling agony. The utter opulence of the pearl-adorned chain highlights the beauty of BDSM. The tweezer style clamps ensure that proper pressure is applied and is only as uncomfortable as you both desire. Your pretty partner deserves a little pain with their pleasure. High-quality materials provide an accessory that lasts. PEARL CHAIN NIPPLE CLAMP SPECIFICATIONS: Material: Plastic, nickel-free metal, copper, stannum, rubber Measurements: 16" (40.64cm) in length

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  • ss52030d
    SKU : SS52030

    Sportsheets – Sincerely Bling Nipple Clips

    $28.99 THEY'LL PUT ON A PRIVATE SHOW FOR YOU, DRIPPING IN ENCHANTING CHAINMAIL. Style, grace, and amazing taste...all qualities of your dearly beloved. So why not compliment the treasures of their chest with a little more glittering adornment? Double your dangle as you leave your lover's nipples strangled. These tweezer-style clamps are easy-to-use and give you complete control of their tightness. The gentle rubber nubs ensure that this chest accessory remains comfortable and secure even during vigorous play. DOUBLE STRAND DIAMOND GEM NIPPLE CLIPS SPECIFICATIONS: Material: cubic zirconia, nickel-free metal, copper, stannum, rubber Measurements: 20" (50.8cm) in length

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  • ss52016b
    SKU : SS52016

    Sportsheets – Sincerely Bling Cuffs

    $44.99 Add some sparkle and edge to your bondage adventures. Bling Cuffs can be worn in the bedroom and as a day to day accessory. Attach to an Expandable Spreader Bar, The Under the Bed Restraint System or simply used as a beautiful accessory.
    • Adjustable buckle and strap makes wearing and removal simple yet secure
    • Cuff length is 10 inches (25.4cm) and width is 2.5 inches (6.35cm).
    • Materials: 65% Polyurethane, 30% Nickel free metal, 5% cubic zirconia

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  • ss52008b
    SKU : SS52008

    Sportsheets – Sincerely Locking Lace Collar & Leash

    $54.99 Explore boundaries and introduce soft submission play with your partner in our Locking Lace Collar and Leash. Comfortable to wear for long periods of time or just long enough to make things exciting during your fantasy play. Pair with your favorite stilettos or remove every stitch of clothing and just bring submission to the bedroom.
    • Lace collar fits up to 19.75 inches (50.165cm)
    • Materials: 38% polyurethane, 38% polyethylene, 24% nickel free metal

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