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  • 2073_2
    SKU : 2073-BLK

    Allure – X-Play Love Chain Ankle Cuffs – Black

    $29.99 Sturdy ankle restraints with metal chain. Reorder: 2073-BLK Size: One Size Package: Boxed Material:  85% PVC 15% polyester, Knit: 100% Polyester

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  • 2072_2
    SKU : 2072-BLK

    Allure – X-Play Love Chain Wrist Cuffs – Black

    $29.99 Sturdy wrist restraints with metal chain. Reorder: 2072-BLK Size: One Size Package: Boxed Material: 85% PVC 15% polyester, Knit: 100% Polyester

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  • 2067_2
    SKU : 2067-BLK

    Allure – X-Play Passion Fur Ankle Cuffs – Black

    $23.99 Fur-lined ankle cuffs deliver extra sensation. Reorder: 2067-BLK Size: One Size Package: Boxed Material: 85% PVC 15% polyester, Knit: 100% Polyester

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  • 527955-11615457909.jpg
    SKU : 527955

    Bad Kitty – Bed Shackles

    $49.99 5 pieces: 4X velcro wrist/ankle foam padded cuffs attach (click-lock buckle) to the ends of a duo 320 cm belts (that are attached perpendicular to the main 180 cm belt, that is tucked under the mattress). Fully adjustable, no-tear 100% polyamide material.

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  • 05167160000-1
    SKU : 516716

    Bad Kitty – Bed Shackles Pro

    $62.99 Bed restraint set that contains four straps with snap hooks on the ends. The straps are placed under the mattress and the connection strap joins them all together. Two plush handcuffs and ankle cuffs are included in the set. They can be adjusted, thanks to their hook and loop fasteners. The handcuffs and ankle cuffs can be attached to the snap hooks. Measurements: connection strap max. 140 cm long, restraint straps are each max. 140 cm long, plush handcuffs and ankle cuffs max. 8.5 cm. Everything is adjustable. Material: polyamide (straps), polyurethane (handcuffs and ankle cuffs), chrome-plated metal. Colour: Black Re-Order#: 516716 UPC: 4024144536719

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  • Bad-Kitty-Cuffs426699074.jpg
    SKU : 527645

    Bad Kitty – Cuffs

    $27.99 Two foam-padded cuffs with adjustable Velcro fasteners for hands or feet.

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  • bkcuffs1842961753.jpg
    SKU : 528587

    Bad Kitty – Hand & Ankle Cuffs

    $47.99 Two hand and two ankle cuffs with Velcro fasteners. Plus two bondage straps (length each 115 cm). Colour: Black/purple Material: 100% polyamide

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  • 05285600000_verp
    SKU : 528560

    Bad Kitty – Hand & Thigh Cuffs

    $29.99 Thigh cuffs (58 cm long) with attached handcuffs. Soft, tear resistant polyamide material, padded and velcro adjustable for Him or Her. Hand washable.

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  • Bad-Kitty-Hand-Cuffs-Black-Chain-21195521040.jpg
    SKU : 2490390-1001

    Bad Kitty – Hand Cuffs Chain – Black

    $39.99 For the captivating lust! Two handcuffs, connected with a short chain with snap hooks (10 cm). Cuffs made of black suede with imitation leather edging. Size: each 5 x 24 cm, with Velcro fastener. Material: leather/polyurethane.

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  • 24903903001
    SKU : 2490390-3001

    Bad Kitty – Hand Cuffs Chain – Red

    $39.99 Thrilling and comfortable! Two handcuffs (24 x 5 cm), made of suede with imitation leather edging - for playful bondage! With Velcro fasteners and snap hook, on a short connection chain (length ca. 10 cm). Size: One Size fits Most Material: Suede, imitation leather Colour: Red/Black Re-Order#: 24903903001 UPC: 4024144008117

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  • 24919662001
    SKU : 2491966-2001

    Bad Kitty – Hand Cuffs with White Detail

    $54.99 A special design and colour! A pair of white handcuffs with a special "diamond cut" pattern on the surface and black as the contrast colour. The handcuffs are slightly padded and fit almost every wrist size, thanks to the adjustable buckle fastener. The chain with a snap hook is long and therefore restricts the mobility of the person who is tied up. Size: One Size fits Most (27.5 cm long, 5.5 cm wide) Chain: 15 cm long Material: Polyurethane, metal, synthetic rubber Colour: White/Black Re-Order#: 24919662001 UPC: 4024144312832

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  • 05072530000982297675.jpg
    SKU : 507253

    Bad Kitty – Hog Tie

    $59.99 The penalty, hands and feet equates out of action! Whether sitting or kneeling in front behind the body - you decide how soft or hard the pain should be, depending on whether you hook the padded Velcro cuffs at the ends or in the middle of the 43 cm long connecting string. Black. Material: polypropylene, metal (chrome). The carabiners are galvanized. Additional Product Information Product Type: Wrist and Ankle Cuffs Black Length: 43 cm Material: Polypropylene, Chrome hardware / galvanized

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