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    Bad Kitty – Ball Gag with Nipple Clamps

    $36.99 Eye mask with integrated mouth gag on a flexible elastic band and adjustable nipple clamps on chains. Black. Gag ball Ø approx. 4 cm. Length of chains approx. 30 cm each. Length of clamps approx. 7 cm each. Material: TPE, metal (chrome-plated), PU, Polyester, phthalate-free

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    Bad Kitty – Black Collar


    Bad Kitty – Black Collar


    Bondage collar made of imitation leather. With a small ring in the centre. Double-layered material with stitched edges.

    Size: 49 x 2.5 cm. With polyurethane-coating.

    About Bad Kitty

    "Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere!" - for a reason.

    Why not kick over the traces and for once live lust without limits - this is what the versatile love toy and bondage programme BAD KITTYstands for. Modern and playful, it is perfect for novices in the world of somehow different passion. And the attractive packagings already make lust for more. ... discover new ways of lust and experience your wild side!

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    SKU : 2490234-1001

    Bad Kitty – Bondage Scarf – Black

    $29.99 For thrilling hours! Long black bondage scarf, made out of slightly transparent, glossy satin, for erotic bondage games. Non-elastic, with stitched edges. Size: One Size fits All Material: Polyester Colour: Black Re-Order#: 24902341001 UPC: 4024144002207

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    Bad Kitty – Bondage Scarf – Red

    $29.99 For thrilling hours! Long red bondage scarf, made out of slightly transparent, glossy satin, for erotic bondage games. Non-elastic, with stitched edges. Size: One Size fits All Material: Polyester Colour: Red Re-Order#: 24902343001 UPC: 4024144002214

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    Bad Kitty – Collar & Leash

    $34.99 Collar in a leather look with a leash. The leash can be attached to the collar with the snap hook. Length of the leash (including loop): 78 cm. Black/Red. Material: polyurethane, metal UPC: 4024144324705 Reorder: 2492016-1001

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    Bad Kitty – Collar & Leash Silicone

    $64.99 Black, rigid collar with removable leash and hand strap. With riveted adjustable strap. Length of leash without hand strap approx. 63 cm. Material: silicone, metal. UPC: 4024144233533 Reorder: 2491559-1001

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    Bad Kitty – Head Mask – Black

    $36.99 Keep your submissive incognito with this Bad Kitty Head Mask. This comfortable open-mouth is designed to stretch completely over the head, while the thin lightweight fabric makes breathing and hearing a snap. Best of all you still have access to their mouth! One size fits most. Barcode: 4024144007530 Re-Order#: 2490366-1001

    Key Features:

    • Made of polyester and elastane
    • Open mouth
    • Sketch fit
    • Lightweight fabric
    • Elastic edges
    • Unisex

    Essential to know

    What colour is it? Black What does it feel like? Smooth finish What is it made of? 95% polyester, 5% elastane Is it flexible? Stretch fit

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    SKU : 2491974-2001

    Bad Kitty – Leash & Collar with White Detail

    $54.99 For captivating pleasure! Slightly padded collar with stitched edges and a ´diamond cut´ design on the surface. Collar size: 43 x 5 cm (40 to 48 cm) Leash: 88 cm long Material: Polyurethane, metal, synthetic rubber, split leather Colour: White/Black Re-Order#: 24919742001 UPC: 4024144312849

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    Bad Kitty – Wetlook Mask

    $39.99 Tight-fitting mask made out of very shiny black wetlook. Openings for the mouth and eyes. Elastic hem around the neck part. Material: 92% polyester, 8% elastane

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    Blindfold Harness & Ballgag – Black

    $54.99 Take away two of your playthings most essential senses when you wrap their head in a devious bondage device! This head harness uses a blindfold to effectively blind your lover while you play with them. They will not know whats coming as you tickle, lick, spank, tease, and please. Every sensation will be amplified! Wedge the ball gag in their mouth to also take away their ability to speak! Every moan will be muffled through the gag, but they won’t be able to beg for more as you take things at your own pace. Impress your lover with your abilities as they are left helpless. You will love how they look in this sexy and restrictive head harness! Measurements: Head harness circumference adjusts up to 23 inches. Chin strap circumference adjusts up to 7.5 inches. Ball gag diameter is 1.65 inches. Material: PU leather, metal, TPR. Color: Black.

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    Fetish Fantasy Series – Collar with Cuffs & Leash – Black

    $59.99 Take control of your lover with this playful Collar, Cuff and Leash combo. Your pet will learn how to obey you in no time once you buckle the collar and attach the leash. Two adjustable nylon wrist cuffs attach to the collar, preventing your subject arm's from a full range of motion. The cuffs and collar both easily adjust to fit most sizes, and the nylon leash attaches to three O-rings on the collar. Take your role playing fantasies to the next level and explore your fetish fantasies! -Adjustable Nylon Collar with 3 O-Rings -Adjustable Nylon Wrist Cuffs -Nylon Leash -Free Satin Love Mask Item Number: PD3742-23 UPC Code: 603912312447

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    Fetish Fantasy Series – Deluxe Fantasy Love Mask – Black

    $16.99 Take sensory play to the next level with this Deluxe Fantasy Love Mask. Made from super-soft neoprene and lined with plush padding on the inside, this form-fitting mask feels great on your skin and comfortably keeps out all light. The mask is contoured to conform around your subject's nose, allowing them to breathe easily while still being in the dark. The elastic headband easily adjusts to fit most sizes. To clean, hand wash gently and lay flat to dry. One size fits most. Item Number: PD3908-23 UPC Code: 603912307962

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