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    Fetish Fantasy Series – Shock Therapy

    $79.99 Give your sex life a "charge" with the incredible Fetish Fantasy Series Shock Therapy Kit. This electric stimulation Shock Therapy kit is perfect for first-timers and those new to e-stimulation. The easy-to-read LCD screen on the digital power control unit clearly displays the function and intensity level, and with 3 pre-programmed pulsation patterns to choose from, this attractive control unit sends electric impulses to whichever body part you place pad on. Choose from a sensuous tingle to a throbbing tap, all with the push of a button, and pick one of the 5 body zones to stimulate. With over 100 stimulation combinations to choose from, the possibilities are endless. With the built-in timer function, the battery-powered unit will automatically shut off after the 15 minute interval. The pads are self-adhesive, attach to the lead wire using snaps, and clean up easily after the fun with an anti-bacterial toy cleaner and warm water. Great for muscle stimulation, neural stimulation, and an all-over relaxing electro massage! Barcode: 603912272062 Re-Order#: 372300

    Key Features:

    • Made of ABS & vinyl
    • Smooth pads
    • 4 areas of contact
    • 4inch - 10.1cm length
    • Push button controls
    • Unisex
    • Easy to clean

    Essential to know

    Measurements? Height - 1.2cm What colour is it? White & Black What does it feel like? Smooth finish What is it made of? ABS and vinyl Is it flexible? Flexible What type of controller? Push button What does it do it? Over 100 different combinations of stimulation How is it powered? Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included)

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    Fetish Fantasy Series – Shock Therapy Deluxe E-Stim Kit

    $119.99 Give your sex life a charge with the incredible Shock Therapy Deluxe E-Stim Kit! Perfect for beginners and those new to electro-sex, these completely adjustable shock straps can be used in various ways for endless possibilities of pleasure! The comfortable silicone bands can be adjusted using the sliding ring to fit most sizes. Try them as wrist or ankle cuffs or cock and ball straps. Each band provides incredible e-stimulation to the pleasure point of your choice for amazing hands-free stimulation, while the anal plug offers incredible back door bliss. Choose a setting on the power unit's dial to control the intensity and go from a sensuous tingle to a throbbing tap in seconds. Choose between four pulsation patterns and click the "mode" button to cycle between 5 frequencies of the pattern. Anal plug insertable length: 2.8" (7.3 cm) Anal plug width: 1" (2.5 cm) Features and Functions: Silicone, Phthalates Free Battery Info: 2 AAA (Not Included) Material: Silicone, Metal, ABS Plastic

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    Fetish Fantasy Series – Shock Therapy Fantasy Wand

    $99.99 Give your sex life a charge with the Shock Therapy Fantasy Wand! Perfect for beginners and those new to e-stimulation, this electric wand sends pleasurable tingles to anything you touch. Each tip sends a jolt directly to your most pleasurable spots. Each attachment provides incredible, unique sensations that deliver amazing hands-free climaxes! Press the + button to power the unit on, and use the + and – buttons to cycle through 9 levels of intensity, going from a sensuous tingle to a throbbing tap in seconds. To power the unit off, cycle back to 0 and it will power off in three seconds. Features and Functions: Multi-Function, Shocks Battery Info: 1 AA (Not Included) Material: Metal, ABS Plastic

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    Sonik Electro Stimulation Massager

    This handheld massage unit is ideal for stimulating and toning tired, overworked muscles via electro muscle stimulation. With Sonik Electro Stimulation Massager, you now have the ability to tone up to four areas simultaneously! The Sonik Massage System brings the convenience of toning and massage into your home. While in use, this handy device will stimulate and relax muscles and relieve tension and stress. This revolutionary handheld device has been designed to mimic the nerve signals of the body, and repeat this cycle again and again. With 8 pulse patterns and 10 speeds, delivering a relaxing massage in the convenience of your home has never been so easy! Each pad sticks easily to the skin with a light adhesive, and are reusable.
    Barcode: 848518004697 Re-Order#: AC782

    Key Features:

    • Hand-held
    • Re-usable adhesive pads
    • Stimulate and relax' muscles
    • Muscle toning
    • Travel friendly
    • Multi-fuction

    Essential to know

    What colour is it? Blue What does it feel like? Electro muscle stimulation What is it made of? Plastic, rubber Should I get it wet? No Does it vibrate? Yes (Electro shock) What type of controller? Push button What does it do? 8 pulse patterns & 10 speeds How is it powered? Batteries What type of batteries do I need? Requires (2) AAA batteries, included.  

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