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    SKU : 2490420-1001

    Bad Kitty – Ball Gag – Black

    Provides obedience! Small round gag (Ø 3.5 cm) on a woven rubber band and with double D-rings as a closure. Color: Black. Material: 50% polyamide, 50% elastane, Gag: silicone. Colour: Black

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    SKU : 2491869-3001

    Bad Kitty – Ball Gag Red – Silicone

    Red silicone gag on adjustable, black, imitation leather straps with four holes and a buckle.
    Gag Ø approx. 4 cm, circumference 42 to 58 cm.
    Material: polyurethane, silicone, phthalate-free according to EU Regulation REACH.

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  • 24918773001
    SKU : 2491877-3001

    Bad Kitty – Ball Gag Silicone – Pink

    $36.99 Passionate pink! The pink silicone gag can be fitted perfectly because the black imitation leather strap has 7 holes. With stitches in a contrast colour. Includes a small lock with two keys. Strap length: 46 - 56 cm Diameter: 4 cm Material: Polyurethane, metal, silicone Colour: Pink Re-Order#: 2491877-3001 UPC: 4024144294428

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    SKU : 510424

    Bad Kitty – Ball Gag with Nipple Clamps

    $36.99 Eye mask with integrated mouth gag on a flexible elastic band and adjustable nipple clamps on chains. Black. Gag ball Ø approx. 4 cm. Length of chains approx. 30 cm each. Length of clamps approx. 7 cm each. Material: TPE, metal (chrome-plated), PU, Polyester, phthalate-free

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    SKU : 527955

    Bad Kitty – Bed Shackles

    $49.99 5 pieces: 4X velcro wrist/ankle foam padded cuffs attach (click-lock buckle) to the ends of a duo 320 cm belts (that are attached perpendicular to the main 180 cm belt, that is tucked under the mattress). Fully adjustable, no-tear 100% polyamide material.

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    Bad Kitty – Bed Shackles Pro

    $62.99 Bed restraint set that contains four straps with snap hooks on the ends. The straps are placed under the mattress and the connection strap joins them all together. Two plush handcuffs and ankle cuffs are included in the set. They can be adjusted, thanks to their hook and loop fasteners. The handcuffs and ankle cuffs can be attached to the snap hooks. Measurements: connection strap max. 140 cm long, restraint straps are each max. 140 cm long, plush handcuffs and ankle cuffs max. 8.5 cm. Everything is adjustable. Material: polyamide (straps), polyurethane (handcuffs and ankle cuffs), chrome-plated metal. Colour: Black Re-Order#: 516716 UPC: 4024144536719

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    Bad Kitty – Beginner’s Fetish Set

    $27.99 The set of intriguing blind dates! Two padded hand cuffs with Velcro, which are connected to each other by rotating ring. Including opaque, padded eye mask with elastic head strap. Black. Material: polypropylene, polyamide, metal (chrome) . Additional Product Information Product type: shackles Color: Black / Silver Material: polypropylene, polyamide, Chrome hardware

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    SKU : 2490404-1001

    Bad Kitty – Black Collar


    Bad Kitty – Black Collar


    Bondage collar made of imitation leather. With a small ring in the centre. Double-layered material with stitched edges.

    Size: 49 x 2.5 cm. With polyurethane-coating.

    About Bad Kitty

    "Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere!" - for a reason.

    Why not kick over the traces and for once live lust without limits - this is what the versatile love toy and bondage programme BAD KITTYstands for. Modern and playful, it is perfect for novices in the world of somehow different passion. And the attractive packagings already make lust for more. ... discover new ways of lust and experience your wild side!

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    SKU : 2490234-1001

    Bad Kitty – Bondage Scarf – Black

    $29.99 For thrilling hours! Long black bondage scarf, made out of slightly transparent, glossy satin, for erotic bondage games. Non-elastic, with stitched edges. Size: One Size fits All Material: Polyester Colour: Black Re-Order#: 24902341001 UPC: 4024144002207

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    SKU : 2490234-3001

    Bad Kitty – Bondage Scarf – Red

    $29.99 For thrilling hours! Long red bondage scarf, made out of slightly transparent, glossy satin, for erotic bondage games. Non-elastic, with stitched edges. Size: One Size fits All Material: Polyester Colour: Red Re-Order#: 24902343001 UPC: 4024144002214

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    SKU : 528200

    Bad Kitty – Bondage Set

    $69.99 For Pleasure Thrills! Bondage set: padded eye mask, mouth gag on a 60 cm adjustable string, leather mini whip and four padded joint cuffs with adjustable ribbons. Material: polypropylene, chromed metal, rubber foam.

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    SKU : 2490994-1001

    Bad Kitty – Classic Mini Crop

    $19.99 The Bad Kitty Classic Mini Crop is a perfect accessory for S&M games, lighter than most crops, it's perfect for beginners and experts alike. The classic shape makes just the right kind of crack when swung onto your partners delicate skin. Riding crops offer a small spank area and a harder sting, they are often used by more intermediate submissive players. The furry side can be use to tickle and soothe freshly spanked skin. Spanking can enhance sensation, sensitivity and pleasure. Barcode: 4024144152803 Re-Order#: 2490994-1001

    Key Features:

    • Made of synthetic material
    • Furry side
    • Smooth leather feel side
    • Classic crop shape
    • Smaller than most crops
    • Unisex

    Essential to know

    Measurement? Length -25cm What colour is it? Black with red stiching What does it feel like? Smooth - Furry What is it made of? Synthetic material Is it flexible? Flexible

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