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  • G-Curve-11077331742.jpg
    SKU : BS001008

    BodiSpa – The G-Curve – Wonderwand Attachment

    $23.95 Take your WonderWand massager to a whole other plane of internal pleasure with this gorgeously curvy treat that's specifically designed to harness the power of your wand into a mind blowing g-spot (or p-spot) vibrator suitable for both sexes. The shape is perfect, it's angled upward, like any good g-spot tool, with a silky smooth feel and deliciously rounded head. The shaft itself has some flexibility and give, but is certainly firm enough to be precise, and you won't believe how amazingly well the supple vinyl material carries the extreme power of the WonderWand to you. Simply slip the open ended bottom onto the default rounded tip of the massager, if required, a little lube can help it slide on and off.

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  • Tri-Gasm-12056312887.jpg
    SKU : BS001007

    BodiSpa – The Tri-Gasm – WonderWand Attachment

    $23.95 Uniquely shaped attachment that astronomically ups the pleasure you've been enjoying from the WonderWand massager, the Tri-Gasm is perfectly shaped to deliver intense triple stimulation, targeting all the important female erogenous zones easily and precisely. A countoured, deliciously curvy head nestles against the upper wall of the vagina to massage the g-spot while a deliciously textured, full coverage stimulator base keeps up a steady buzz against the clitoris. A third stimulator protrudes from behind the vaginal portion, it's short, thick and excitingly shaped to perfectly please the anal area, whether you choose to insert it or not.

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  • anuo-with-box
    SKU : NB001455

    Nobü – Anuo

    $16.99 Description:
    • 3 Piece Ring Set
    • Total Erection Control
    • Medical Grade Silicone
    • Water- Based Lube Only
    • Soft TouchSize : 1⅝”ø- 1½”ø ⅓”ø

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