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    OVO – 15 Year Warranty – Click here for details !

    1. Details of the warranty
      OVO Lifestyle Toys™ provides a warranty of 15 years from the purchase date on material and processing defects. This promise is supplementary to the statutory warranty rights in the country or state where the buyer is resident, and does not influence these in any way. The warranty covers elements that influence the function of the product. It does not include external changes due to normal wear or accident related damages, misuse or negligence. Furthermore, the warranty does not apply in the event of failure to observe the operating or assembly instructions. Any battery pack included in the delivery is explicitly excluded from the warranty. Please note that the warranty becomes void if you try to open or dismantle the device or accessory. Furthermore, the validity of the warranty expires in case of improper installation or commissioning and damage caused by force majeure or natural catastrophes, including floods, fires and frost damage.
    2. Scope and application of the warranty
      Should claims arise during the warranty period, these are to be communicated to us in writing under the conditions below and, if proven, the warranty service takes place by OVO Lifestyle Toys™ replacing the product. A claim for warranty services only exists for damage to the actual subject of the contract. Claims for lost profit and the replacement of damaged items are excluded. To enforce the warranty claim, it must be proved that the warranty is still valid at the time of application. Therefore please retain the original purchase document together with the warranty conditions for the duration of the warranty period. OVO Lifestyle Toys™ reserves the right to refuse a warranty repair or warranty confirmation if proof cannot be provided.In the event of a warranty claim, please contact OVO Lifestyle Toys™ by email - for initial assessment and instructions. If instructed to return the item, you must pay for shipment. Postage costs will not be refunded. Please make sure that the product is safely packed for transport if you return it to us. OVO Lifestyle Toys™ does not provide any warranty for inappropriate transport, inappropriate packaging or loss incurred when returning the product to OVO Lifestyle Toys™.
    3. If the product is not under warranty
      If a defect on the returned product proves not to be covered by warranty, the customer must bear all costs, including any labor costs incurred when examining the product.
    4. Your questions
      Should you have any problems with your OVO Lifestyle Toys product or any questions regarding operation or a warranty claim, please contact us at
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