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    Bad Kitty – 2 Ring Sleeve

    $17.99 For steep erections and hot cues for traffic! Smoke Black Penis testicle ring duo with relish corrugated connecting web. Just slip on and already he is ready for long sex-Power (congestion effect) with sparkling charms for the partner with each thrust. Ring thickness 8 mm each. Total length 6 cm. Ring 2,3 and 4,3 cm, both very elastic. Material: TPE, Phthalate under EU Regulation 1907/2006 / EC . Additional Product Information Product type: Penisring Black Diameter: 2.3 cm Material: TPE

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    Bad Kitty – 4 Ring Sleeve

    $17.99 The Rings Quartet for intense erections! With three rings your penis is wrapped tight while the testicle ring relish cramping your manhood ... The stretchy rings are connected with a jagged ridge stimulus. Ring thickness 8 mm each. Ring Ø 3 x 2.3 cm and 1 x 4.3 cm. Total length 6.5 cm. Black smoke. Material: TPE, Phthalate under EU Regulation 1907/2006 / EC . Additional Product Information Product Type: Penis ring Black Diameter: 2.3 cm Material: TPE

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    Bad Kitty – Anal Balloon

    $29.99 Latex balloon with a handy pump ball. Inflatable to three times its size. Colour: purple. Material: PVC, latex.

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    Bad Kitty – Anal Plug

    $18.99 Come in through the back door! Your lover for anal pleasure games is ideal 12 cm long, beautiful flexible and serves forcefully with a diameter of 1.5 to 3 cm. And his bright red promises fiery ecstasy ... Try it yourself! On suction cup. Material: PVC, Phthalate under EU Regulation 1907/2006 / EC . Additional Product Information Product type: anal plug Color: Red Length: 11 cm Diameter: 1.5 - 3 cm Material: PVC

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    Bad Kitty – Anal Vibe – Red

    $44.99 The After-Burner! This pretty. red anal vibrator gives you maximum anal delights that you can bring to ecstasy plain and simple. The vibration can be adjusted in 7 steps to request strength. Total length 17.5 cm. : 2.5 cm. Material: TPE. Battery ordered separately. Additional Product Information Product type: Vibrator Color: Red Length: 17.5 cm Diameter: 2.5 cm Material: TPE Material: TPE

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    SKU : 2490420-1001

    Bad Kitty – Ball Gag – Black

    Provides obedience! Small round gag (Ø 3.5 cm) on a woven rubber band and with double D-rings as a closure. Color: Black. Material: 50% polyamide, 50% elastane, Gag: silicone. Colour: Black

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    Bad Kitty – Ball Gag Black – Reversed

    Gag with solid ball (Ø approx. 4 cm).
    Head strap 57.5 cm long which can be adjusted using the hook and loop fastener.
    Material: TPE, polyester, polyethylene, phthalate-free according to EU Regulation REACH.

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    SKU : 2491877-3001

    Bad Kitty – Ball Gag Silicone – Pink

    $36.99 Passionate pink! The pink silicone gag can be fitted perfectly because the black imitation leather strap has 7 holes. With stitches in a contrast colour. Includes a small lock with two keys. Strap length: 46 - 56 cm Diameter: 4 cm Material: Polyurethane, metal, silicone Colour: Pink Re-Order#: 2491877-3001 UPC: 4024144294428

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    Bad Kitty – Ball Gag with Nipple Clamps

    $36.99 Eye mask with integrated mouth gag on a flexible elastic band and adjustable nipple clamps on chains. Black. Gag ball Ø approx. 4 cm. Length of chains approx. 30 cm each. Length of clamps approx. 7 cm each. Material: TPE, metal (chrome-plated), PU, Polyester, phthalate-free

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    SKU : 2491990-2001

    Bad Kitty – Ballgag w/ White Detail

    $32.99 Perfect for hot bondage games! This gag with holes in it is attached to straps that have a beautiful »diamond cut« pattern on it. The straps can be adjusted so a circumference of 40-57 cm is possible.  Ø 4.5 cm. Material: polyurethane, metal, ABS. Colour: White/black Re-Order#: 2491990-2001 UPC: 4024144312863

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    Bad Kitty – Bed Shackles

    $49.99 5 pieces: 4X velcro wrist/ankle foam padded cuffs attach (click-lock buckle) to the ends of a duo 320 cm belts (that are attached perpendicular to the main 180 cm belt, that is tucked under the mattress). Fully adjustable, no-tear 100% polyamide material.

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    Bad Kitty – Bed Shackles Pro

    $62.99 Bed restraint set that contains four straps with snap hooks on the ends. The straps are placed under the mattress and the connection strap joins them all together. Two plush handcuffs and ankle cuffs are included in the set. They can be adjusted, thanks to their hook and loop fasteners. The handcuffs and ankle cuffs can be attached to the snap hooks. Measurements: connection strap max. 140 cm long, restraint straps are each max. 140 cm long, plush handcuffs and ankle cuffs max. 8.5 cm. Everything is adjustable. Material: polyamide (straps), polyurethane (handcuffs and ankle cuffs), chrome-plated metal. Colour: Black Re-Order#: 516716 UPC: 4024144536719

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